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I am in general, a digital artist. My gallery mostly consists of fractals made in the Apophysis freeware program available on, and digital paintings done in Adobe Photoshop (currently CS3) with a 21-inch Wacom Cintiq tablet.


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My favorites range far and wide across DA. Themes range from just eye-catching to science-fiction and humor. Pieces come from various galleries of interest, my devwatch, or things that catch my eye.



Before Paul could answer, there came a low call and the troop swept forward into a wider chamber, carrying Paul with them. He found himself in an open space confronted by Stilgar and a strange woman wearing a flowing wraparound garment of brilliant orange and green. Her arms were bare to the shoulders, and he could see she wore no stillsuit. Her skin was a pale olive. Dark hair swept back from her high forehead, throwing emphasis on sharp cheekbones and aquiline nose between the dense darkness of her eyes.

She turned toward him, and Paul saw golden rings threaded with water tallies dangling from her ears.

This bested my Jamis?” she demanded.

“Be silent, Harah,” Stilgar said, “It was Jamis’ doing - he invoked the tahaddi al-burhan.”

                                                                                                                   - Dune, Frank Herbert, p. 342

I got as close to the book description of Harah as I could. However, I made her darker-skinned than pale olive because even with that description, she doesn’t read to me as white. So I found a nice reference for a Middle Eastern woman’s face on Google, and while glancing periodically at it to get her eyes and facial shape right, I just worked Herbert's description in with those. I kept her lean-looking, as that’s a common description of the Arrakeen natives. Not sure if I like my current pass at the all-blue spice eyes, but it’s a start. Pretty happy with the way her skin looks - don't think I've quite gotten it that soft and believable before....

Seems to me usually the major characters get portraits, but we don’t see some of the secondary characters depicted. And I felt like doing this, so.

Eternal Desert
A scene on a desert planet with its face tidally locked towards its sun - the bright yellow star in the picture.

On the dayside, there is an area where the sun is highest in the sky and the most intense sunlight pours down. Hot dry air continually streams to the cooler night side of the planet from that region. Intermediate areas may parallel the climates of certain times of day - the sun in a low position in the sky will not heat its region as much. Here, it can be more tolerable and even habitable.
Four Suns
I've been doing some late-night astronomy-themed Wikicrawls, and discovered a nice little site called by an astronomer (or astronomy enthusiast, but since they talked about working with a team to get time on Hubble, I'm guessing a professional in the field). This has given me all kinds of ideas based off Legit Science for my artwork.

One of these was the 4-star binary system: two cooler-than-Sun stars orbiting a common gravitational center, this planet orbiting them, and a pair of red dwarf stars orbiting a common center in an orbit about the same place as Jupiter's or a touch closer. Probably should've made the red stars a little smaller, don't think they'd actually be that big at Jupiter's distance, given small red dwarfs are Jupiter's size or smaller at times. (Just see TRAPPIST-1...)

Anyways, had lots of fun making this one! I'm a sucker for alien landscapes with multiple suns in the sky. You can blame George Lucas and that double-sunset on Tattoonie in A New Hope for that.

Next up: Probably a planet inside of a star cluster...
In the Light of Two Suns
An alien world, lit by two blazing suns - one red, one blue. Their fire illuminates the sky of this dry, hot world which lies just within what travellers call the Lucky Spot. Rarely in binary systems like this with two powerful suns, do you find a planet that sits within the habitable zones for both stars, and doesn't overheat lethally when the two suns are both on the day side. That's what they call the Lucky Spot. It's a rare, rare planet and enviable for colonists seeking to live on especially challenging frontiers.

Even so, it's not a planet for beginner colonists, let alone beginner space travellers looking to start a colony. It's rough, extremely hot, and full of violent weather instigated both by tidal forces and shifting temperatures.

I recalled some advice given to me a few years back for doing the corona of a supermassive red giant star, and decided to reuse it here. Most times I'll give the stars a nice glow, but it's said that massive or supermassive red giant stars shed their outer layers continually - which makes a very bright corona.



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It's been entirely ENTIRELY too long since I posted a new journal.

I'm still mostly on Tumblr, so you'll find more of my art and Portal fanart on there than here. I'm very active on Tumblr, and I have an artblog I'm trying to fill with assorted pieces.

I'm now trying to creep back into fractal art, as Apophysis 7x seems to work fine with Windows 8.

I have just one problem.

I lost ALL of my old parameters from ages ago. Some computer crash, and quitting Apo. The hard-drive that even had the params was completely toasted, and I wasn't the least into fractal art at the time, so I wasn't keen on getting them back. But now, I'm just staring stupidly at my really awesome stained-glass ones and going "Oh. Shit." The ones I REALLY want most is the set I handed out in Aposhack ages ago for my piece RADIANCE, and while I managed to look up that it was made using the Lazysusan variation (which thank god, the default plugins HAS), I have completely lost almost every other fractal-making memory. :dead: To make matters worse I'm pretty sure it was a stupidly easy one to do, cause I made so many of the damn things....and I've forgotten.


If anyone happens to have those old params - I was still DeepChrome back in the day - I would be much obliged. >_>;; Just shoot 'em over in a response to this journal or in a note. Thank you.

Anyways, here's hoping I get some fractaling legs back under me. This machine's so much beefier than the old one, I have a feeling it'll probably just slam out print-quality renders in hours rather than halves or thirds of whole days. :3

I'll probably continue with the fanart, and possibly get back into digital painting when I'm feeling a little less fried. But I need a new creative venture. I saw some amazing fractal on Tumblr -looked like part ngon, part something. And it's inspired me to come back to fractaling.

Anyways, hope the holiday season finds you all well!
Chrome out.


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Hi. I'm a sci-fi fan, a digital artist, and generally a peculiar being.

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Skin of choice: Purple, if I could pick my skin color!
Personal Quote: The day you don't expect something is the day it happens


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